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Turlock, California

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Last updated October 5, 2015
July 2015 Newsletter
The gates between HyPower and VAST are
gone and we have a new driveway in the front on the north side of the white fence.
Vast Events

USDAA  October 4-6, 2015           Click Here for Results
Congratulations to new championships earned this weekend!
Laurie Salter and Bling, PDCH-Bronze with Sunday’s gamble
Linda Darcy and Nike, SCH-Gold with Sunday’s snooker
Wade Robertson and Cayenne, ADCH with Saturday’s jumpers
Lisa White and Honey, 
PDCH-Silver with Saturday’s pairs and partner Fawkes
Carlene Chandler and Quik, PDCH, with Friday’s jumpers

Let us know if we missed yours!
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